HRP Quick Start Kit

Why is hazard recognition education important?
Do you struggle with continual incidents in your workplace because employees fail to recognize hazards? You are not alone! All of industry – both large and small – is challenged to close this competency gap so that employees can make informed risk reduction decisions to stay safe, protect the environment, and preserve assets.

What is HRP?
Hazard Recognition Plus™ (HRP) is:

  • A powerful educational tool designed to teach employees throughout your organization how to recognize hazards based on energy source identification
  • A simple and logical thought process designed to recognize, evaluate, and manage hazards to achieve safe job outcomes
  • Not another program! It will easily integrate into your existing HSE management system tools

Why the HRP Quick Start Kit?
The HRP Quick Start Kit is a fast and cost-effective way to begin training employees right away.  The Kit contains everything you need to conduct a 1.5 – 2 hour training session and is supported with 12 safety meetings to further embed HRP into your culture of safety.  Whether you are a  small single site safety practitioner, or just want to try a new and better way to teach hazard recognition, then this kit is designed for you!

The HRP Quick Start Kit includes:

  • HRP Thought Process Class (presentation files)
  • The HRP Thought Process Trainer Guide (86-page booklet)
  • Safety Meeting Presentations (12 HRP topics)
  • Support Materials (per kit)
  • 50 Small Octagon Stickers (2”)
  • 50 Wallet Cards
  • 50 Stop-the-Job Stickers
  • 6 Medium Octagon Stickers (6”)

Want even more Value?
The HRP Express Solution provides a 1½-day seminar with a seasoned industry safety professional that can enhance your ability to train employees using the HRP Quick Start Kit.  With several decades of industrial safety experience and thousands of hazard recognition classes taught, you will find this seminar to be fast-paced, fun, and informative!

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